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Mar 5, 2012 2:30am PST
in seven states, kentucky, indiana, and ohio baring the brunt. video footage taken from a home in tennessee. 165-mile-per-hour winds from one of the tornados ripping down trees and tossing debris. in all, 39 people died in friday's storms, bringing the death toll just the past week to 52. one of the deceased, 15-month-old toddler angel babcock. she was found alive in a field about 10 miles from her home by first responders. she became a symbol of hope. it was discovered her parents and two siblings had been killed in the storm. yesterday we hate to pass along angel passed away from her injuries. there is some controversy in the state of ohio where the storms claimed three lives. republican governor john kasich turning down disaster aid saying the state can handle its own relief. local democrats disagree. one county chairman said, quote, i question his judgment. it would appear at first blush he's probably playing politics. governors of the two hardest hit state, indiana and kentucky, both accepted the federal aid from the government. mass demonstrations in moscow to protest vladimir putin i
Mar 2, 2012 2:30am PST
or friends you know someone that lives in southern indiana, southern ohio, central kentucky, much of central tennessee, and even central and northern portions of alabama make sure they know they have the threat for large damaging tornadoes today and your safety plan for you and your family because that's going to be the concern today. another tornado outbreak. again, that's going to start later this afternoon. the eastern seaboard, you're fine. willie, looks like the storms from new york southwards to d.c. will come through early saturday morning. we'll have updates and i'll be here throughout the day tracking these tornadoes. >> all right. we'll be just fine with a little weather thinking about the people in the tornado regions. good warning bill. we'll back with you on "morning joe." >>> turn to sports. president obama took a break from election year poll it ticks to sit down at the white house with espn sports guy bill simmons. the two got deep into the throwing out of first pitches and who gets credit for the lin sanity and, of course, to the president's own chicago bulls. >> over the la
Mar 16, 2012 2:30am PDT
of the tournament. i don't know if we can call it an upset with vc yurks anymore. they win 62-59. they get indiana tomorrow night. it's been 66 years now since harvard has been to the ncaa tournament. the 12th seed crimson takes on my vanderbilt come mon doors. jeffrey tailor with the steal hammers it down. vanderbilt opened an 18-point lead but give harvard credit. they came back. a late rally. a steal here. brandon curry going to lay it in. cuts the lead to nine. little bit of a panic time for vanderbilt fans because we've seen this before. head coach kevin stalling not pleased. his team holds on to win. they held off harvard winning 79-70. vanderbilt against wisconsin tomorrow night. three seed baylor, a lot of people picking an upset in this one. uniforms that make oregon football blush. look at these things. stop it. taking on 14th seeded south dakota state. the jack rabbits open with a 14-5 run. pierre jackson. he's good. left-handed lay-up. baylor up eight at the break. second half, baylor's offense starts clicking. they survive a bit of a scare. they hold on to win 68-60. they get unlv nex
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)